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S&G® Environmental Padlock for Railroads


If you are a Railroad customer and would like to purchase the Environmental Padlock specifically designed for railroad applications, contact:



Stanley Hydraulics Tools- Railroad Products Group
Niki Fleet, Sales Coordinator, Customer Service
Stanley Hydraulics
3810 S.E. Naef Rd.
Milwaukie, OR 97267
Telephone: 503-652-7857

S&G® Environmental Padlocks for other applications
For purchasing inquiries regarding all other models of our Environmental Padlock, please contact one of the Service Centers listed below:

Service Centers

AAD Logo  SG Logo

Agences W. Peletler, Inc.
440 rue Beaumont Street
Montreal, PQ H3N 1T7
(514) 276-9413
TF: (800) 363-6700

AAD Logo  SG Logo

IDN Canada Ltd. Toronto
70 Floral Parkway
Toronto, ON M6L 2B9
(416) 248-5625
Fax: (416) 248-9945

SG Logo

R.A. Lock Company
3570 N. Highway 67
Suite B
Midlothian, TX 76065
(972) 777-6301
Fax: (972) 775-6316
TF: (800) 777-6310

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Silver Sales
2701C West 15th St.
Suite 291
Piano, TX 75075

Fax: (866) 702-5475
TL: (800) 258-5625

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