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What happens if the batteries go dead? Are the codes lost? How long will the electonics remember the codes?

Codes will be retained in the lock's electronic processor for up to 10 years, even if the batteries are removed or go dead. Batteries are easily replaced by removing the keypad housing of a two-battery keypad, and pulling out the battery box of a single-battery keypad.

What is the battery life in S & G's 6120?

During S&G accelerated laboratory testing, which is more demanding on the batteries than daily normal use, the results routinely exceeded 8,000 opening and closing cycles using two Duracell 9-volt alkaline batteries.

What happens if carbon batteries are used rather than the recommended alkaline batteries?

Carbon batteries do not allow as much current draw as alkaline batteries, and even new carbon batteries will not retract the bolt sufficiently for frequent openings. So, be sure to use alkaline batteries, preferably Duracell¨ brand.

Is there a recommended procedure for installing batteries?

Yes. Install new batteries by pushing them directly into the battery connectors attached to the keypad circuit board. It's important to support the connectors so they are not bent due to excessive force.


How can the 6120 series be used to retrofit a mechanical lock that incorporates a wing-back cover?

Using longer cover screws, the mechanical lock's wing-back cover can be fastened directly on top of the 6120 lock cover. Before doing this, use a file or grinder to remove any projections from the underside of the wing-back cover.

How should the lock be mounted?

The 6120 can be mounted in any position including the standard positions of right-hand, left-hand, vertical-up, and vertical-down.


How long does the bolt stay retracted after code entry?

The bolt retracts for 6 seconds, allowing sufficient time to turn the safe's handle and then closes automatically.

How do I know the code was changed?

If your lock sounds a continuous tone for about one second anytime during the code changing procedure, you have made an error. When this happens, the lock ignores your new code and reverts to the old one. For more detailed changing instructions, see the complete version of the operating instructions.

What if the master code and user codes are forgotten?

Sargent & Greenleaf does not retain lost customer combinations. If you own a safe with a lost combination please contact the actual “Safe Manufacturer” to see if they might have information on file. If the safe manufacturer does not have this information you will need to contact a qualified safe technician in your local yellow pages for service.


What is the maximum distance the lock can be located from the keypad?

The 6120 can be supplied with wire lengths up to 10 feet (3 meters), at an additional cost. Greater lengths are not recommended.

Does the lock function in high humidity conditions?

Yes. S&G's 6120 design protects the electronic boards and shields the lock's electronic components from the effects of humidity.

Does the lock have a duress mode?

Yes. 6124 /6125 /6126 /6127 /6128 /6129 models with 6102-100 remote enable or 6102-090 duress (only) modules provide this feature. The 6150 has both remote enable and duress built in.

Can the lock replace a standard mechanical lock?

The 6120's mounting holes, bolt retraction and throw are identical to a 6730 combination lock. The case dimensions are equal except for the thickness of the lock body, which is .044" (1.12mm) greater.

Is the 6120 manipulation resistant?

Yes. Traditional manipulation techniques are ineffective on the 6120 lock. The 6120 is also designed to resist random code input by locking out for 5 minutes after four incorrect codes are entered and 5 minutes for the 6123. The 6120 is UL Type 1 listed.


What happens to the lock when there is bolt side pressure from the safe's boltwork?

The boltwork of a safe, under certain conditions, can place excessive pressure on the side of any lock's bolt. When this occurs, the lock's bolt cannot retract properly. To relieve side pressure on the lock bolt, jiggle the safe's handle. This action will remove the pressure on the lock's bolt. Then re-enter a valid code to open the safe. No damage occurs to the lock under these circumstances.


What is the warranty period and what does it cover?

S&G warrants the 6120 for two years from the date of shipment from S&G's factory. The locks shall be free from defects in material and workmanship, provided they are normally and properly used according to S&G's written instructions. Please contact the safe manufacturer or an S&G distributor for a copy of our written warranty.





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