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img Sargent and Greenleaf has built a strong reputation as a provider of quality security products to the banking industry. From vault locks to under-counter safes, to safe deposit boxes, S&G has the banking solution to fit your needs.

S&G locks have provided unsurpassed vault door protection for over a century. (Model 6400 and Model 6500)

For under-counter protection at teller stations, our 6870 lock is UL listed and has true double-sided construction that delivers a high level of security. It can be set to new keys in under five seconds without special tools or knowledge.

Safe Deposit
S&G is a world leader in safe deposit box locks. Our 4200 and 4400 family has become an industry standard. We offer a full line of safe deposit key blanks as well.
(Model 4200/4400 and accessories key blanks)

Safe Locks
Sargent and Greenleaf offers a wide range of safe locks for the banking customer. Choose from our extensive selection of mechanical locks or from our family of electronic locks. (Electronic Locks and Mechanical Locks)

ATM Security
Our A SERIES ATM Management System increases security, improves management efficiency, while reducing overall costs and potential liability. Designed for the shared access ATM environment, the A SERIES provides for greater accountability and control of your operations. It can also simplify your ATM deployment, replenishment and service access, all without compromising security.
(Model 6128/29 A series)

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