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Mechanical Combination Vault Locks

Vault Locks

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  • Four combination wheels for 100,000,000 possible combinations
  • Group 1 version (6400 Series) tested against expert manipulation for 20 man-hours
  • Group 2M Recognized Component version tested against expert manipulation for 2 man-hours
  • 100% brass wheels for durability and long life
  • Brass lever
  • Gravity operated mechanism eliminates problems caused by spring fatigue
  • The standard vault lock of the security industry for over fifty years
  • Can be used with a variety of attractive dial and rings in several finishes
  • All models can be equipped with indirect drive
  • Available with upper, lower, and center extension lock bolts, as well as standard square bolt and true roller bolt
  • Variety of dials and rings in Spy-Proof¨ and front reading designs
  • Indirect drive kit
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