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Sargent & Greenleaf doesn't make ordinary padlocks. You won't find them hanging on racks at the neighborhood hardware store. These are specialized locks, designed for high security applications or resistance to extreme weather conditions. S&G has supplied the world's most rugged padlocks to the US Government for decades. From munitions bunkers to file cabinets containing sensitive information, the name on the padlock has been Sargent & Greenleaf.

img Models 951 and 951C High Security Padlocks
The 951 and 951C represent the most advanced security features found in any padlock. This design was conceived to replace the 833 and offers an even higher level of security. It features special barrier materials inside the body and shackle to resist cutting and sawing. This is the ultimate padlock. Details »
img Model 8077AD Combination Padlock
The 8077 is a combination padlock used in large quantities by government agencies to secure file cabinet locking bars. It is designed to resist surreptitious entry methods and show any signs of tampering. It can be set to new combinations using the included change key. Details »
img Environmental Padlock Series
This line of padlocks was made to hang out in the weather for extended periods of time, and still open with the correct key when needed. The unique body and cylinder construction is designed to resist the ravages of foul weather and unfriendly environments. This padlock is ideal for outdoor use in any climate. Details »


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