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Time Locks

James Sargent was the first person to construct and install a vault door time lock. That was back in 1874, and S&G has taken time locks and delays very seriously ever since. These devices are proven deterrents to armed robbery, and their effectiveness has been evident ever since the days of notorious outlaw Jesse James. Sargent & Greenleaf offers both mechanical and electronic time locks, and time delay is built into most of its electronic safe locks. From small safes to massive vaults, S&G has a time lock to fill your security needs.

img Model 6280
This is a UL Listed, two-movement, mechanical time lock for stand alone safes. It can be ordered with standard, reset, or snap-action movements, and is designed for stand-alone, high security safes. Details »
img Model 6270/6370
This series consists of extremely durable, UL Listed mechanisms. They can be ordered with standard, reset, or snap-action movements. The triple movement units offer the added dependability of double redundancy for the movements. This series is specifically designed for vault doors. Details »


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