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Safe Deposit Locks

In the mid to late 1800s, horse drawn stagecoaches traversed the wilds of America, carrying passengers on long journeys across large expanses of the frontier. During overnight stays at stage depots, it became common for station masters to offer passengers individual locked compartments inside the depot's safe to protect their valuables. The passenger would keep the compartment key, and the station master kept the safe's combination, providing a double layer of security. This early practice eventually evolved into the safe deposit system used by banks, hotels, and other institutions throughout the world today. Since the very beginning of this industry, Sargent & Greenleaf has been providing locks to keep valuables safe. The company's safe deposit locks are a standard of the industry.

IMG Model 4100
The 4100 is a cabinet or single key container lock that, while not a true safe deposit lock, shares the secure design of the genre. This lock can be set to new keys without disassembly, and is available in a variety of nose heights to accommodate different door thicknesses. Details »
img Model 4200/4400
The basic design of these locks has been in S&G's lineup since the mid 1920s. These UL Listed dual nose, dual key operation locks have separate keyways for renter and guard keys. They're available in brass and nickel finish in 1/2" nose heights. Details »
img Model 4500
The 4500 series safe deposit locks are non-handed, allowing a single model to be mounted in either left- or right-hand doors. All models are UL Listed. Double changeable models can be easily set to new keys without disassembly. Details »


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