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Panic Exit Devices

The primary function of a panic exit device is to provide single motion egress for anyone inside a secured area. Basically, that means someone only has to push something that offers minimal resistance to get out of a room or corridor. The challenge is to build in a level of security that also keeps unauthorized people from breaking into the area protected by the panic exit device. As a leader in the creation of specialized high security products, S&G has met that challenge. Sargent & Greenleaf exit devices are used everywhere from back doors of fast food restaurants to the US Post Office. When it's critical to keep the bad guys out and still meet life safety codes that allow your people to exit quickly and easily, look to S&G for the solution.

2890B S&G 2890B Pedestrian Door Lock
The 2890B combines a GSA approved combination lock with an innovative life safety component to ensure high security and quick (single motion) egress for the world's most critically secure environments. Details »


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