Change combination

Electronic Locks:
Changing the combination on your electronic lock is very simple. You will need to determine which lock model you have installed on your safe. Once you have determined you lock model and the procedure, please remember to perform the change with the door in the LOCKED OPEN POSTION and test the combination 3 times before closing the safe door.

Mechanical Locks:
Typical mechanical locks requires a U8 change key for combination change. This key looks similar to an allen wrench. If you were not supplied this key upon purchase of the safe or lock, please contact your safe manufacturer or locate one of our distributors to obtain a change key. Once you have a change key you can follw these operating and change instructions. Once you have completed the combination change, please test the combination 3 times before closing the safe door..

Changing your combination may require you to remove the back door panel of your safe. Please review your safe warranty information and confirm this process will not void the safe warranty.

If you do not feel comfortable with the change process pleas contact a safe and vault technician for assistance.

Here are two links that may assist you to find a safe and vault technician:
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