Lost combination

At S&G, we know losing your safe combination can be frustrating.

Electronic Locks:
Our default electronic combination is 123456#. Your lock may have come with a recovery combination (Management Reset Code*) . You can check with the safe manufacturer referencing your safe serial number. If your lock was put on after market this code may have come in a manilla envelope. To run the reset you will first need to determine your lock model.

Mechanical Locks:
Our default mechanical combination, is 4 turns left to the #50 and then back to the right. the dial should stop turning between #95-#87. You can then try turning your safe handle. Here is a video on how to properly dial a mechanical spin dial lock. If you do not have a combination you can check with your safe manufacture for any information about the lock combination.

If you are unable to locate a recover combination for your electronic lock or a valid combination for your mechanical spin dial lock your next step would be to contact a safe and vault technician.

Here are two links that may assist you to find a safe and vault technician:
Clear Star


*Sargent and Greenleaf does not retain any information regarding Management Reset Codes.