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Electronic Safe Locks

Model 2740 Electromechanical Safe Lock

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  • Meets Federal Specification FF-L-2740A.
  • Twenty man-hours resistance to expert manipulation.
  • Government tested for resistance to EMP.
  • Operates in single control or dual control mode (field changeable).
  • The easiest, fastest installation of any lock in its category.
  • Uses S&G's original "Magic Module" footprint for ease of retrofit.
  • Powered by internal batteries to ease installation and eliminate the need to manually generate power.
  • Stainless steel lock bolt resists 600 lbs. of end and side load.
  • Lock bolt throw of .461 inch retracts flush with the lock case, elimnating the need for a special bolt for Mosler lock retrofits.
  • The lock bolt is drilled and tapped to accept Mosler-style attachments.
  • Accommodates the standard left-right-left dialing sequence used by mechanical locks for decades.
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