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Electronic Safe Locks

Model Z02 D-Drive

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  • One million codes to choose from.
  • Field programmable (via keypad) for single control, dual control, and employee/manager modes; changeable at any time.
  • One master code, one supervisor code, one time delay override code, five user codes.
  • Time delay override can be either single control or dual control.
  • Factory programmed Management Reset Code.
  • Programmable time delay of one to ninety-nine minutes can easily be activated from the keypad.
  • Time delay opening window can be set from two to nine minutes.
  • Penalty lockout feature shuts the lock down for five minutes if four or more incorrect codes are entered in a row to deter random code entry attempts.
  • All programming is accomplished via the keypad; no special programming tools required.
  • Deadlocking, solenoid blocked bolt withstands over 225 lbs. of end pressure.
  • Lock bolt is retracted and extended by turning the keypad ring. Mechanical bolt control assures high reliability.
  • Uses S&G's "Magic Module¨ footprint to match the mounting dimensions of most mechanical
  • Low profile keypad is only 1" (25.4 mm) high, and is 3 3/4" (9.5 cm) in diameter.
  • Keypads available with either brass or chrome trim ring.
  • Bolt Position Indicator which can be field installed on any D-Drive lock, for connection to any device that can be relay activated.
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